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Happilys Events is an agency especialized on Wedding Planning and design in Dordogne. You are planning a wedding in France ? Congratulations, you are at the right place ! Wedding planner in France (Dordogne) since 2014, Laure was previously wedding assistant in Los Angeles

Modern, traditional, crazy, elegant, small, huge … always unique ! Thanks to their details consideration, Laure and her team create more than a wedding : an experience that you and your guests would ever cherish.

From simple advices to full organization, we plan and think everything about your D-Day. Whatever the degree of our intervention, we always put the stress on your investment on each steps if you ask it

We purpose different packages with their own degree of intervention and prices. Whatever the budget, Happilys has THE one for your project

You will be involved among the know-how of a young and dynamic agency but also in touch with the best vendors of Dordogne

We are moving everywhere in Dordogne.

Concerning aniversary, baby shower, corporate events … please contact us

See you !

Pour toute autre organisation évènementielle : anniversaires, enterrements de vie de jeune fille/garçon, baby shower & corporate, n'hésitez pas à nous faire part de votre projet

About us


Graduated in International Marketing, Laure is a kind-hearted dreamer. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes, wether it's a wedding she has the chance to supervize or a city she visited. As her baggages, her decorations are packed and unpacked, with a single watchword : instinct.

Endowed with a strong imagination, she brings through her unique langage and philosophy, a magical universe into each wedding she organizes. Sometimes, she can be difficult to understand, but we trust in her and her creativity ! She enjoys trying new ideas through her passion for decoration. She tirelessly buys flowers, plants, clothes and old things, forever frozen in time...

Naturally optmisitic and positive, she likes to laugh, and, sometimes, she hides behind her very special sense of humor.

Great observer, Laure will always find a way to put up words on your expectations and desires. Whatever your dreams are, she is the right person to understand and probe your children's wish.

Our Services

Full organization

  • Total research and management of your vendors
  • Special prices on partners
  • Budget management
  • Decoration
  • D-Day coordination
  • List of guests accomodations
  • Assistance on the construction of your ceremony
  • Other, on demand
Starting from 4000 €, on quote

Partial organization

  • "A LA CARTE"
  • Resarch and management of the latest vendors you need
  • Special prices on partners
  • D Day coordination
  • Decoration


Starting from 2 700 €, on quote

D-Day coordination

  • You have entirely organized all your wedding
  • We personnally hand over your complete dossier, one month before the event (quotes, contracts, contacts)
  • Detailed timeline creation
  • Vendors coordination
  • Relationship establishing with your guests : details of the day, speeches, surprises
  • Corrective actions (just in case)
  • 2 to 4 coordinators during the D-day, untill the crucial moment : the cake cutting
  • Timeline management
  • Guest and vendors greeting and placing
  • Decoration transfer
1500 €


  • Special prices on partners
  • Decoration management (ceremony, cocktail, reception)
  • Florist, tableware, tableclothes, furnitures management
  • Initiation and exchanges into Pinterest
  • Research of the chosen decoration at the best price
  • Assistance on the choice of cards and gifts
  • Decoration budget management
  • Decoration's storage untill the D-day
  • Delivery and set-up of the decoration on the wedding venue and the other ceremony places.



800 €

Ceiling and lighting room

  • Domain, castel, room...
  • Total or partial
  • Lighting
  • Lanterns


From 200 € to 1000 € on quote

Personnalized coaching

  • 4 meetings throughout your organizational process
  • Continuous coaching, suggestions, corrective action



320 €
« Laure, when we started to search for our wedding planner one year ago, we never imagined finding someone like you. After a few restaurants and tomatoe juices, we learned to know eachother. We discovered a very energetic and creative woman, with a lot of ideas and a strong character. Our wedding was perfect, beyond our hopes. Everything was there, even the highly coveted « cocooning ». We will never forget the faces of our guests and we are proud that your face has been part of this day. We started this adventure with a wedding planner and now, we finish this chapter with a friend. We wish you a lot of success in the future and we hope to see you soon »
Mariette & Orlando
« A beautiful meeting with Laure, who immediatly seduced us with her freshness, her dynamism and her smile. Always aware of others, at any time of the day or the night (sorry about all these late mails), she perfectly knew how to probe our attempts, especially mines and at the end, she even managed to anticipate my resquests. We are glad that we have entrusted to her the most beautiful and incredible day of our life. Laure is also a very careful and rigorous professional, who will bend over backwards for the perfectness of your wedding and that was the case... Even beyond our dreams ! Her little discreet and efficient team perfects the whole. This way, you have nothing to worry about when comes the big day and you just have to be carried by the magic of the moment »
Marylou & Marc
« Laure, we had a big crush for you and your work and we weren't wrong. You supported us throughout the preparations and you coordinated everything, so we had nothing to worry about when our big day came. You are awesome and you even kept the surprise of the room's discovery at the last moment ; and what an emotional moment it was ! Never in our craziest dreams, we could ever imagined such a decoration. You are a golden wedding planner, thank you for everything !»
Gwendoline & Thomas
« Laure, you made this day a perfect moment, even if it was planned in my head since I'm a little girl. You were always here when I needed you and above all, you've always been attentive and you made my dream come true. You nailed it, with the guests, the timing and everything, nothing else to add. I will recommand you to any future spouses who wish a PERFECT wedding. A thousand kisses to the person who will forever remain in the memories of this perfect day. We've been very satisfied of the prices and the opportunity to offer us this wedding planner services. We had a personalised quote and we also enjoyed a 10 % reduction concerning the service providers she works with. Really perfect and really great advices ! »
Coralie & Adrien
« Laure, we will never thank you enough for having organised this magic day. You perfectly knew how to respect our expectations (and our budget) wether for the decoration, the atmosphere, the flowers arrangements or the catering. A complete organisation, for a masterly D-day coordination ; and despite the unexpected things, you knew how to preserve me from stress. Everything has been remotely set-up (even the place's choice) and you have shown a strong reactivity and a perfect attention as well. I never felt a single ounce of stress concerning the preparations and I'm really glad that you've been here on the D-day, to support and preserve me from the unease and the nervous breakdown. You guided us during one year and we really enjoyed our dream day. Your team is as awesome as you are and your service providers are a pledge of quality. You are our little magic fairy »
Laura & Patrice
« A super efficient anti-stress ! You took away all of our stress during the preparations, but also during the D-day. All the team was really attentive, it was a day full of surprises and it was awesome ! You managed to realise each of my whims, you even decorated a 4 meters high ceiling ! I would gladly start this adventure all over again, if I could ! Thank you again »
Charlotte & Rémi
« Dear Laure, we would like to thank you because you made our wedding as perfect as we could imagine. You were always present, you advised us all along the organization, you were always available when we needed to, you never count your time ! Thank you for your investment, your professional skills, your good mood, yout dynamism and for your magical decoration, it was magical for everyone, us first ! All the best on your job, you are made for this ! »
Elodie & Kevin
«Dear Laure, thank you for these three beautiful days you organized with professional skills and your communicative enthousiasm ! It was perfect, and amazing, and funny, it was absolutely YOU too !»
Violette & Christophe
« Laure, thanks to you, I had the wedding of my dreams. You immediatly understood our expectations and you managed to make ours dreams come true. You were avalaible at any moment, with all my late e-mails, at any hour of the night. I share my experience with a big YES, yes you can trust in Laure and her team with your eyes closed. The decoration was madness, even more beautiful that I could ever imagined »
Anya & Nicolas
«They are here, they exist, the pretty little ceremony fairies. Everything she touches turns into a fairy tale. Thanks to Laure, I fully lived my little girl's dream. A thousand bravos ! »
Cathy & Gilles
«An awesome wedding planner, 3 amazing collaborators and a dream wedding as I expected it. Thanks again for this unforgettable day »
Sabrina & Damien
«Laure... words are missing. You made this day the copy/past the dream we had. We, and our guests, never could forget all you realized. So, from all my heart, thank you and long life to Happilys Events !»
Nora & Olivier

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